Friday, August 8, 2008

My first blog post

Welcome to my blogsite.

I am still very new to blogging and it will take some time before I find my way around.
My friend tells me that the hardest thing about blogging is starting off and thinking about what to say. So, maybe I should just start by telling you a bit about myself.

How did I start doing art?

My mother always tried to get me to go to art classes with her. However, I never thought that I would have the patience to paint.

My mother won!

So, for the past ten years I have been pleasing my mom and eventually myself.

I do oil paintings as well as watercolours but my preferred medium is oils.

I love painting with textures using a palette knife and old brushes and I never have a shortage of beautiful scenery.

I was born in Kilkee, county Clare, Ireland. Raised in a small village called Moyasta and I am now married and living in Kilrush.

To your right you can see a little slide show of some of my art on my gallery website: Kilrush Artist.

So, the next hard thing about blogging is: what to say next?

I will ask my nutty friend